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There are numerous reasons to choose us. However, the first and foremost is, our drive to help you, our worthy clients, grow and prosper to the peaks of success.



We are local!

OSOOL is an Omani consultancy firm with international alliances. It gives our clients easy access, direct involvement and fast connections whenever required.

OSOOL has a competitive advantage at getting access to all sources of information in the country that can add value to what OSOOL does.


Local Experience

OSOOL‘s native team members have an in-depth understanding and a wealth of experience, when it comes to the market of Oman.

These team members have been providing immaculate services relentlessly in a number of projects ranging from financial services to strategies development.


Regional and International Experience

OSOOL has alliances with innumerable international companies and experts who have a wide experience in the region and different parts around the world.

Therefore, the company’s international and regional exposure can contribute to building a solid technical and comprehensive experience in the field.



The experience of our team in various actuarial projects in different parts of the world in addition to the strong academic and professional qualifications and backgrounds have resulted in a high level of professional work.

The organization is in full compliance with international, financial, professional standards.

OSOOL follows very competent project planning and management in order to ensure high quality service and meeting our clients’ expectations.


Knowledge Transfer

We at OSOOL believe in involving the clients in the process as a mean of transferring knowledge and building internal clients’ capabilities.

OSOOL‘s Team has experience in delivering

  • seminars
  • workshops
  • conferences
  • trailer-made training sessions

with well-known international organizations such as

  • ILO (International Labor Office UN)
  • ARIA (American Risk and Insurance Association)
  • and numerous other reputable organizations

OSOOL has the capabilities of delivering training in different disciplines such as statistics, actuarial science, risk management, insurance, and pension ranging from technical to strategic level.



OSOOL is committed to having a close business relationship with all of its clients.

We at OSOOL seek to build a strong and long-term relationship with our client that is based on mutual gain. Our team is very comfortable in using both English and Arabic as a means of communication.

OSOOL is open to any kind of communication channel needed by the clients.


Partnership and Adding Value

OSOOL‘s work is based on forming partnerships believing that its duty to add value to its partners (clients) in every aspect of the projects.

We at OSOOL take into consideration, the operational, administrative, and strategically upgrades that can add value to the clients.